Extended Family Portraits at Look About Lodge

/ June 1, 2018/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

I photographed this beautiful extended family over Memorial Day weekend. We were really crossing our fingers for the weather, as is always the case when you are coordinating multiple families from different distances. But the weather turned out perfect, and I was able to capture their photos during the evening, my favorite!

Grandma and grandpa with their grandchildren was a must-have portrait, and I am so pleased with this one taken at a shallower depth of field than I usually might risk with young kid moving about! Their one year old granddaughter was calm and lovely for our entire session!

Look About Lodge in the Cleveland Metroparks was a first choice location for this session since it has an overhang in case of rain, and we didn’t have much wiggle room. The family loved the brick backdrop though!

Little Sasha changed into her one year outfit and we made sure to get a few of just her (and even got a few smiles once she was given her freedom to stand and crawl about).

This was such a fun session and beautiful family. Thank you so much for allowing me to take your photos, I hope you treasure them for years to come!

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