Bar Mitzvah Formal Group Portraits

/ May 22, 2018/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

Sometimes you don’t have the most ideal location to work with. In this case, I often try to work in close ups to create a lovely soft bokeh in the background and highlight the faces of my clients.

But I was lucky a little over a week ago! I was thrilled to arrive on site to a gorgeous flowering tree to work with. While the otherwise sparse parking lot didn’t leave a lot of choices for backdrops around the party center, the spring blooms were a beautiful complement to the group’s formal attire on the occasion of Brandon’s Bar Mitvah.

Brandon, the man of the hour, was central to most of the photos I took, and his charming smile lit every photograph! We took family portraits on both sides of his family, several groups of friends, and the sun even came out for a bit at the end.

Congratulations, Brandon! It was a joy to capture you and your family on this special day in your life.

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