About Family Photo Sessions by Rosy Days Photography

As parents, we are always focused on our children, their growth and their milestones. Often, we don’t think of ourselves in this picture, literally. It’s important to take the time to capture your family in this moment and season of life and to celebrate all its joy (and even its flaws). Our children and grandchildren will treasure the photos of their family as they grow.

Moms and dads, do you find yourself behind the camera in everyday life? This is your opportunity to be in the photos, for your children to be able to look back on photos and see the way you look at them with so much love.

Family portraits also help you and your children connect to your family story. Their place in your life represented through pictures bring a feeling of security and unity. In my own home, I love to point out the stages of our family life on our walls: here is our wedding, here is you as a baby, here is your baby sister and look how big you were, look at you now!

Take the opportunity this year to let me photograph your family, perfectly as you are today, for you each to look back on for years to come. This session is approximately 45 minutes and is a balance of candid interactions and traditional portraits.

2020-2021 Family Photo Session Pricing

All Rosy Days Photography sessions include fully edited digital photos with the option to purchase prints after your session. Optional prints come mounted on matboard and have a protective coating against fingerprints and UV.

$250 for 20-25 professionally edited digital photos of your family
$50 deposit to reserve your date, $200 due the date of your session

Available Additions:
+$25 per pet
+$25 per person over 8 people
+Optional prints and canvas available post session. Contact me for current print pricing details.