Spring Family Portraits at Hudson Springs

/ May 12, 2018/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

We had a bit of a late spring start this year here in Northeast Ohio, but the past couple weeks I feel like we are finally catching up.

My first session of the outdoor season was with Danielle’s charming little family, and I was so excited to see how big her son Luke has gotten over the past year.

I love to start by the lake when I photograph at Hudson Springs Park. No matter the weather, sun, clouds, bare trees or full bloom, the lake is always a perfect spot to take photos.

We were challenged with dappled sunlight filtering through the newly budding trees, but we found areas with sufficient cover between the three bridges.

I always tend to get a bit wet or muddy taking photos from this location, but I never get tired of the sun creating the backlight photos in this spot.

Danielle, thank you so much for choosing Rosy Days Photography and I hope you have a wonderful, happy Mother’s Day.

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