Fall Family Portraits with Grandparents

/ November 6, 2019/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

Getting an extended family portrait session scheduled is no easy feat! And managing to plan for a perfect fall day, well, that’s priceless. This special session was for the grandparents, and so we spent time capturing the guests of honor with their sons’ families.

It was difficult to decide what to showcase here, we had so many options to choose from! Here we go:

The kids couldn’t resist playing in the leaves! I can’t say I blamed them, they were crisp and colorful that day.

In this shot, we captured the kids against a beautiful yellow bush- but I am partial to the bold contrast in the black and white version of this set.

The lake and trees were stunning this evening, as usual, though this couple surpasses, don’t you think?

A must-have set for this mom, with her girls and her son. I love the colors she chose for their session, like a bold crayon box.

And last, we got the finale with grandma, grandpa and all the grandkids!! What a special memory for them all!


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