Sunshine & Rain in Peninsula

/ June 17, 2019/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

Last weekend we had sunshine and blue skies; today we had rain and clouds. We finished our photo session together just in time before the clouds opened up!

As usual, this spot never disappoints. In only one week, there were a number of changes. A lot of the early spring blooms have fallen off, and the rain created a bright vibrant green backdrop for the family portraits.

This delightful young man is my nephew, Brayden, at 9 months old. It seems like just yesterday when he was born, and we are almost a year later. He’s a complete delight: I don’t think I’m saying that because I’m biased at all.

I feel so blessed to be connected to this beautiful family, and I’m so glad to be a part of their lives. And, as I’m writing this there is a downpour, so I additionally feel so lucky that we were able to avoid this rain!

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