Autumn Family Portraits with Dog

/ November 15, 2018/ Sessions Showcase/ 1 comments

It’s so wonderful when I have a family interested in having a photo session for a long time and we are finally able to make the magic happen for them and everything comes together! Including the family dog. 🙂

I had to reschedule an entire weekend of sessions due to rain a couple weeks ago, and we really lucked out that the leaves continued to cling to these branches the last weekend of October because just a couple days later it seemed like they were all bare! This was a great year for leaf color and we had beautiful fall leaves later in the season than last year.

This last one is my favorite shot. I love including family pets in photos, and having a crazy pup myself it’s always something fun and special and rare to get wild animals and those little wild humans posing together for a portrait!

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  1. Oh my goodness they are absolutely delightful! Lovely lovely photographs!

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