Christmas Mini Sessions in Chagrin Falls

/ November 21, 2017/ Holidays, Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

I have been listening to Christmas music since my holiday sessions last week, and I’m full swing into my favorite season! These Christmas mini sessions were so much fun, and I loved the new venue in Chagrin Falls.

I’ve included here some of my favorites; enjoy with a mug of hot chocolate and “Winter Wonderland” on your playlist.

These cookies did not get saved for Santa… haha.

All the babies loved the Christmas lights.

My last family of the evening were pros- the girls requested specific poses!

I prepared one joke for all the kids: What do Santa’s little helpers learn in school? The Elf-abet! The girls here are not laughing at that joke though (I think they knew it was a silly bad joke), they were just that cheerful!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!

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