Afternoon Fall Family Photos at CVNP

/ November 1, 2017/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

I won’t deny, photographing two active boys can be an adventure! When I get those smiles though it’s all worth it.

Joshua in particular made me work for his bright, charming grin, but his smile lights up the photograph. He’s got his mom Lisa’s big beautiful smile.

I feel like I captured the last of the bright fall leaf color during our family session at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park at the end of October. I don’t mind the brown and orange of fallen leaves after peak color but I love those rainbow leaves on the trees.

My last visit here I didn’t see this great bridge; it’s my new favorite spot at this location! And we captured it at the right time with the afternoon sun. We have to walk about a half mile to reach this spot, but this lovely family was up for the challenge! It was a beautiful day for walking.

Lisa, thanks for giving me the opportunity to take your family portraits this fall!

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