Fall Mini Giveaway Family Session at Lake Milton

/ October 23, 2017/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

I’m in love with these photos, from this family’s beautiful bright outfits to the number of leaves in the grass, to the backlit sunlit beach.

Grandma won this session and gifted it to her family. She described her youngest granddaughters’ beautiful dark brown eyes and curly hair. Michelle tried to get her to join our photo session but she wanted it all about them. They are lovely people and were thrilled to win the fall mini giveaway!

We are some distance apart, so I settled on taking their photos at Lake Milton after seeing the bridge nearby while searching for ideas and picturesque spots around the area. But the classic beach photo was even more perfect, and we were able to take advantage of the morning light before the sun rose too high in the sky.

I loved my first visit to Lake Milton, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. Thank you to Michelle and her lovely family, it was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope grandma loves the photos, too!

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