Mother’s Day Mini Session Showcase

/ May 18, 2017/ Sessions Showcase/ 0 comments

Our Mother’s Day Mini Sessions were a great success! I wanted to showcase this wonderful little family, as we did a few Mother’s Day shots and got some great posed and candid family pictures too.

We had to change up our perspective a bit because in the wild weather we’ve been having here in Northeast Ohio, there was a tree branch down in my beautiful little sunlit spot. However, later in the Spring as it is, we had a beautiful lush green background instead.

Little Luke loves Thomas the Tank Engine, so we brought along a book (that we almost couldn’t get away from him again, ha!). He also loved peekaboo and was fascinated with the birds and wildlife in our little wooded cove.

I do love this area that I consider to be a hidden gem here in Streetsboro for it’s lovely dappled shade and colorful red pine needles, but I was also excited when we had some cloud cover to get a couple shots in among some real sun-loving wildflowers.

Luke was awesome. Without fail, he happily held up his little finger to let everyone know he was one year old and delighted about it every time we asked. Thanks for letting me capture a few moments with your family!

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