5 Photo Ideas for Capturing Your Children’s Milestones & Moments

/ February 27, 2017/ Ideas & Inspiration/ 0 comments

Getting photos and videos of baby’s firsts are often important to parents, but frequently hard to capture! As children’s get older, it can get even harder. When you book your session with me, let me know if there are special yearly milestones or moments you’d like featured in your session. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

In this spring family photo session at Hudson Springs park, mom brought picture frames featuring a “photo within a photo” for each year of her sons’ lives. And it was little Luke’s first year!

Babies change so quickly that we often capture them month by month. This monthly photo with blocks is a fun milestone marker! For more monthly photo ideas for babies, here’s a great resource.

Has your baby recently taken on stairs or climbing? We can safely showcase this new adventuresome attitude with mom or dad’s help behind the scenes!

Chalkboard signs are a great way to incorporate children’s ages in your yearly family photo sessions.

The start or end of a new school year is a traditional time to capture your child’s growth year over year! I can create custom signs as part of your photography package.

Do you have any traditions for your children’s milestone photos or yearly pictures? Visit my Milestones & Moments Pinterest board for some more ideas!

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